Getting Yelled at Over Election Results

Earlier today, two Tweeps were clearly upset about some part of my tweets about our estimate of the seat distribution for the Mongolian parliament.

D Amarbayasgalan whose Twitter profile identifies him as a local MPRP director, wrote,

шал худлаа прогноз байна

Accusing me – and apparently by association, MPP Enkhbold Z, MPP, of being totally wrong. As I have been careful to identify all the sources for our calculations and the different steps in our calculations, I was genuinely interested in finding out which part of these estimates may have been wrong and replied,

худлаа? ямар? If I made a mistake in calculations, please tell me, they are all at

Now, six hours ago, Amarbayasgalan has not replied to my question, nor pointed out any mistakes in our calculations.

Shortly thereafter, Odbayar, who identifies himself as an “Advisor to the Prime Minister of Mongolia”, tweeted

You have wrong information!please follow election commission information.

Again, concerned about mistakes in the calculations, I replied,

 I based numbers on which is based on GEC info, isn’t it? Did not reproduce GEC numbers faithfully?

I have not had a reply to this question six hours later either.

Disagreeing with a calculation or a political view (which I don’t have when it comes to Mongolian parties) is one thing, but asserting for information to be wrong or of using wrong information, but then not pointing out where mistakes may lie, is neither professional, nor conducive to sharing the most accurate information available.

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Julian Dierkes is a sociologist by training (PhD Princeton Univ) and a Mongolist by choice and passion since around 2005. He teaches in the Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. He toots and tweets @jdierkes
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3 Responses to Getting Yelled at Over Election Results

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  2. It turns out that the original site that the first-past-the-post calculations were based on provided wrong information (listing a third run-off as necessary). I have since updated that with a corrected version that has also lead to an update on the seat distribution.

    I wish Amarbayasgalan and Odbayar had pointed out the mistakes in the earlier version rather than yell at me and fall silent.

  3. Norovtuya says:


    Glad to find out that not everybody is ‘international community’ – meaning that there is professionalism in what you and your blog and bloggers are doing.

    You know by now that there are quite a few yellers out there, both inside and outside Mongolia. What we need is, obviously, doers…

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