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Anti-Chinese Attitudes in Mongolia through Generational Imprinting

By Mendee Jargalsaikhan A few years back, Julian introduced me the concept of generational imprints and pointed out the work of Karl Mannheim.  Mannheim (Essays on the Sociology of Knowledge. Routledge: 1952) defined a generation as a social creation and argued that … Continue reading

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International Relations in the Trump Era

By Julian Dierkes As someone who thinks and writes about political risk regarding Mongolia, my focus is on domestic politics more than on international relations. Yet, with Donald Trump becoming U.S.-president, I have to add a fairly random element to … Continue reading

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How popular is Russian in Mongolia 26 Years After the Fall of the Soviet Union?

By Bulgan B The May 9th Victory Day has revived the Mongolian love for Russia once again. Mongolians were watching the Victory Day parade and Mongolian social media was trending on any story which relates to the Great Victory. Wreaths … Continue reading

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Resource Nationalism?

By Julian Dierkes One of the dominant foreign views of Mongolian politics is that they’re rife with “resource nationalism”. This perspective is reproduced in many conversations with people in the mining or financial industry and is often repeated by visiting … Continue reading

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Berkeley Conference “Deadly Modernity”

By Julian Dierkes The Mongolia Initiative at UC Berkeley’s Institute of East Asian Studies hosted a conference entitled “Deadly Modernity: The Environmental Crisis Behind Mongolia’s Swift Development” March 10-12, 2016. I don’t think anyone was tweeting from the conference, but … Continue reading

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2013 Presidential Candidates: Foreign Policy Proposals

With the election right around the corner, we thought it would be helpful to offer a brief comparison of the foreign policy proposals from the three candidates. Since setting foreign policy measures is one of the primary roles of the … Continue reading

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Book Chapter: Finding the Buddha Hidden Below the Sand

Matthew King describes his on-going research on the revival of Buddhism in Mongolia to expand upon his chapter in “Change in Democratic Mongolia”. Continue reading

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Mongolia this Year

It’s been quite a year for Mongolia in that the rest of the world paid some attention to Mongolia, at least in punctuated bursts… Mongolia in the News Rapid Growth The news item that probably attracted most international attention was … Continue reading

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Green College Eurasian States and Societies Series: Robert Bedeski “Lessons from Mongolian State Evolution”

Eurasian States and Societies Series Green College UBC Monday, October 29 17-18:30h Green College Coach House UBC Campus Dr. Robert Bedeski Emeritus, University of Victoria “Lessons from Mongolian State Evolution: The Anthropocentric Theory of Human Security”

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Coalition Speculation

The MPRP as a coalition partner to the DP or MPP? Really? Continue reading

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MPRP Vote as Indication of Populism

The MPRP is Enkhbayar’s party and its appeal is populist. Continue reading

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Less Visibility for Mongolian Ultra-Nationalists

I remember being shocked during my first trip to Mongolia in 2008 when walking along Peace Avenue, I saw a car belong to the unofficial political group/gang Blue Mongol (Хөх Монгол) sporting a prominent and rather taboo swastika. After asking … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Mongolian “Resource Nationalism”

Marissa Smith unpacks the notion of “resource nationalism” in Mongolia Continue reading

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Anti-Chinese Attitudes in Post-Communist Mongolia

M.A. thesis argues that Mongolian anti-Chinese attitudes are rooted in state-socialist portrayals of China from the 1960s to the 1980s. Continue reading

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