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Back in Ulaanbaatar Town

Für Mongolei Nostalgiker… 懐かしいねえ After too long an absence, I’m back in Ulaanbaatar. Returning 1-3 times per year over the last eight years has given me time lapse glimpses of rapid developments in Ulaanbaatar. At ULN, I was delighted to … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Mongolian Medical Tourism Industry on the Rise

More and more people are traveling to receive medical care abroad. This is true of Mongolians as well and researchers from SFU are exploring the impact of this medical tourism on local health care systems. Continue reading

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The Effect of Mongolia’s Mining Boom on the Tourism Industry

How mining poses a challenge to the budding Mongolian tourism industry and what to do about this challenge. Continue reading

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Guest Post: The Mongolian Tourism Industry and Obstacles to Maximizing Its Potential

Lack of co-ordination among players keeps Mongolian tourism industry from realizing its potential. Continue reading

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Tono Contemporary Dance

Performance of “Tono” by Red Sky coming to Ulaanbaatar. Continue reading

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Arriving in Ulaanbaatar (Again)

August arrival in Ulaanbaatar. Continue reading

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